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Clear Lake

A brief history of Clear Lake
Clear Lake

LAKE FACTS: Clear Lake is the largest, natural freshwater lake in California it's 19 miles by 8 miles at it's widest point with over 68 square miles of surface area.

Lakes have existed at the site of Clear Lake for at least 2,500,000 years, possibly making it the oldest lake in North America. The average lake depth is 27 feet. The average water temperature is 40 degrees in Winter and 76 degrees in Summer.

EARLY LAKE HISTORY: In the early years of Clear Lake development the lake was much larger combining with the Blue Lakes. With Volcanic eruptions (Mount Konocti) and landslides has separated them from their former westward drainage into the Russian River.

The first humans (Pomo, Yuki, and Wappo) occupied the Clear Lake basin approximately 11,000 years ago. When the Spanish missionaries came to Clear Lake they found thousands of Native Americans already settled in this abundant area. European settlement began in the mid 1800's.

Clear Lake was used as an Seaplane base for the Alameda Naval Air Stations during WWII and even up to the early years of the cold war. Using the lake when the landing conditions were deemed unsafe on the San Francisco Bay.

Clear Lake Shoreline

Exhibits and programs about the region's culture and history are maintained and presented by rangers and docents at Clear Lake State Park and at Anderson Marsh State Historic Park. Lake County has two county museums, the Lake County Museum in Lakeport and the Lower Lake Historical Schoolhouse Museum in Lower Lake.

With its scenic beauty, clean air and abundant wildlife, Clear Lake is an excellent place to slow down, enjoy nature study, photography or just plain loafing.

Clear Lake

What to do when you're at Clear Lake
Clear Lake CA

Clear Lake is located just north of Napa, it's one of California's nicest and less discovered areas. Use Clear Lake Access as your resource to plan you Lake County getaway.

Clear Lake is a great place to get away from it all and we like its unassuming summer wine weekend. The Lake County wine industry is growing but still small, and you're likely to find the winemaker pouring for you in the tasting room. Properties in the area are beginning to be revitalized, but it's still a friendly place to visit, where shopkeepers and innkeepers are clearly glad to see you and not jaded like their counterparts elsewhere.

The most popular time with visitors is July and August (best for water recreation on the lake), but it's certainly less crowded and especially beautiful in spring, when the wildflowers are blooming.

Going Fishing: Clear Lake is very popular with fishermen and boaters, (Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Bluegill, Catfish, Trout, Carp). Numerous public and private launch ramps, camping is available (see below). The fishery at Clear Lake offers some of the best bass fishing in the state, (Largemouth Bass record at clear lake is 17 and a half pounds. Spring is the most productive time to catch big bass. You can hire a guide to improve your chances. For a more of an active time on the lake rent a jet ski or boat or rent a kayak.

Wine Tasting: You'll find about 20 wineries scattered around the county, and some are open for tasting.

Clear Lake Fishing

Bet on it: Robinson Rancheria is the nicest Lake County casino, offering bingo, slots and table games, as well as some good entertainment.

Go Flying: If the birds you saw soaring over Clear Lake got you inspired, Solo Flight School in Lakeport offers rides in their biplane or glider.

On the Road: Some of the roads around Clear Lake are narrow and perhaps nausea inducingly winding. If motion sickness is an issue for you, take precautions. If you want to take a drive along the lake shore, California Hwy 20 is the best place to go. It runs close the lake shore between Upper Lake and Clearlake Oaks on the northwest side.

Lake Weather: Clear Lake is at about 1,300 feet elevation, its weather pattern is simalar as the rest of California, with warm summers and rainy winters. Keep in mind that July and August are the busiest months and the nicest places will fill up early. You can plan ahead or go off-season for even more of an enjoyable relaxing time.

Clear Lake Access

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Clear Lake Motels, Inns, Resorts and Marinas

Clear Lake Marinas and Resorts

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Clear Lake, CA its where the fun is

Clear Lake Boat Launching Ramps / Boat Access

Clear Lake Boat Launching Ramps

Let's launch the boat at Clear Lake...

  • Clear Lake Avenue
  • Clearlake Oaks Beach
  • First Street
  • Redbud Park Boat Ramp 14655 Lakeshore Drive, Clearlake, CA
  • Lakeside County Park
  • Hudson Avenue
  • H V Keeling Co. Park
  • Keeling Park 1000 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice, CA 707.262.1618
  • Third Street
  • Lakeshore Boulevard at Crystal Lake Way
  • Lucerne Harbor Co. Park

Clear Lake, CA its where the fun is

Clear Lake Campgrounds and RV Parks

Clear Lake Camping

Let's do some camping at Clear Lake...

  • Albatross Acres 5545 Old Highway 53, Clearlake, CA 707.994.1194
  • Clearlake Resort 35 Old Highway 53, Clearlake, CA 707.994.6267
  • Clear Lake State Park Kelseyville, CA 707.279.2267
  • Edgewater Resort 6420 Soda Bay Rd, Kelseyville, CA 707.279.0208
  • Glenhaven Beach Campground 9625 California 20, Glenhaven, CA 707.701.6000
  • Hidden Valley Lake Campground 19234 Hidden Valley Road, Middletown, CA 707.987.9079
  • Holiday Harbor RV Park And Marina 3605 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice, CA 707.274.1136
  • Island Park Resort 12840 Island Drive, Clearlake Oaks, CA 707.998.3940
  • Talley's Family Resort 3827 E Highway 20, Nice, CA 707.274.1177
  • The Narrows Lodge and Resort 5690 Blue Lakes Road, Upper Lake, CA 707.275.2718
  • Lake Place Resort 9515 Harbor Dr, Glenhaven, CA 707.998.3331
  • Northport Trailer Resort 5020 Lakeshore Blvd., Lakeport, CA 707.263.6311
  • Sandpiper Rv Park 2630 Lakeshore Blvd, Nice, CA 707.274.4448
  • Sea Breeze Resort 9595 Harbor Dr, Glenhaven, CA 707.998.3327
  • Shady Acres Campground and Mobilehome Park, 7805 Cache Creek Way, Clearlake, CA 707.994.2236
  • Willow Point Resort One First Street, Lakeport, CA 707.262.5896

Clear Lake, CA its where the fun is

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